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21 April
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This is my place - mostly for KAT-TUN but from time to time there also will be other things to - mostly connected to Japan.

My name is Mirjana but ppl know me as Masha or Kvarta/Sulless. I', a HYPHEN and Japan lover!!!

I'm not that young, let's just say that I'm born in Showa era (Showa51) according to the old Japanese calendar - if someone want's to know my age ^_^ - not ashamed of them just a bit tired of explaining them. Young at heart and mind - that's what matters (at least for me).

I', from Serbia, which is a great country but a bit ignorant about Pop culture of Japan, the ppl who are exceptions from this rule are already my friends ^_^

I live alone, work (sometimes to much), not married but not single either XD, I have 2 pets: Guinea pig Hex (Abyssinian breed) and cat Kage (影) - both of them are adopted from bad living conditions - so...I like animals.

That's all I guess ...

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