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Support for Cultural Center Sakurabana #CCSakurabana

What is Sakurabana? I know I'm often mentioning them in my blog, but they are not just some NGO that holds a festival two times a year, they are so much more. For me they have a special meaning and special place in my life.

Sakurabana is NGO that promotes Japanese pop culture, it was created from group of enthusiast, young people who had nothing more than love for Japanese pop culture and a dream, connected trough newly arrived wonder of modern technology - internet. Ok, in this point I can do a PR for them - but I won't. If you want to know more about Sakurabana just watch this video (and if you are not Serbian native speaker make sure to turn on the English subtitles):

Now, as you all know earlier this year my country was devastated with sever floods,  and we are still struggling with consequences,  at that time Sakurabana did the best they could with gathering money and provisions for people affected with floods.  Most of our government resources are transferred for rebuilding what was destroyed, and that's how it suppose to be.  But, at the same time that is where Sakurabana's problems start.

These young people don't sit and lament, they don't throw "angry fist" at government for rebuilding a country. They have a dream and they working towards it. So what did they do? They started a project to raise a money for Culture Center Sakurabana. More about the project you can see on this video(this one is in English):

You can help them just by spreading the word (in that case please use #CCSakurabana hastag) or by donating to their Indiegogo account (there are many great perks like Mistiqarts beautifuly works or some #OriSor stuff for cosplay lovers) : www.indiegogo.com/projects/cul…; .

I do want tell you what Sakurabana means to me and why. In this point you may stop reading if you are not interested, but then again you can go on and learn some more about Sakurabana and what they mean to people and  specially kids who are just like me.

I had a luck in my life, I meet a friend who was half Japanese when I was a kid, so somewhere in 80's, and that's how I fell in love with Japanese culture - traditional but also popular. Now if you have interest in opther county culture, traditional one - people can understand that, even appreciate. But!, if you like popular culture which is totally unknown in your country...well, that's a whole different story. People perceive you as weird.

I was one of those weird, geeky kids. In time I learned to function in society by giving a "socially accepted" answers to most basic questions like: "What is your favorite band?" or "What is your favorite actor?" - truth is I had friends but I was feeling alone. Like wearing a mask all the time, not able to really connect to people and not having anyone to shear my interests with, always on a lookout for slip of a tongue that may lead to being ridiculed or bullied.

When I meet people from Sakurabana I found my little peace of heaven. I had topics with them that I could discuss, we shared same interests. When you live your life in fear of being rejected for your interests, that doesn't help you with self-confidence - trust me on that one!!!  People from Sakurabana where the ones who encouraged me to start promoting my handcraft, first of all Mina Mistiqarts a wery talented young lady.

And even now, when problems of everyday life pile up on me I go to Sakurabana - place where I can be myself. Just for a little chit-chat about my favorite music band or some new movie/drama. But Sakurabana is not some club we gather for a cup of chit-chat, they have so many educational activities like manga school, lectures and workshops.

Okay this is enough for today, but I'll be telling you more about fundraising projects and Sakurabana activities in near future.

Serbia Floods

My dear friends,

I didn't write these past few days that's why I'm writing about it now.

My country is struggling with biggest disaster in past 120 years. And this is not exaggeration when one considers that in past 20 years we survived war and bombing, but this is not a topic now.

Heavy rains caused devastating floods that destroyed homes. So many people lost their homes and everything they had. Livestock and animals are drowned, fields are under water, and human lives are lost - how many? We still don't know for sure, but number are higher with every passing day.

City Obrenovac is under the water, and the worst flood hit them hard, people are evacuated from their homes and most of them are in temporary shelters all around Belgrade. But other cities and  large number of villages are also devastated with the floods.

These is footage of my country now (city Obrenovac):

And I'm proud of people in my country and very grateful for all other countries, specially ex-YU for their help!!!

We are doing all in our power but  our problem are still not over.

Our government and our Red Cross opened accounts for all those who are willing to help us with donations (just click on a picture for better view):

We are in need of bottled drinking water, canned food, medicines, personal hygiene products and disinfectants, especially diapers for babies and adults, disposable kitchen utensils (plastic glasses, cups, forks, knives and spoons), but all other things as well.

Dear friends, I call you now to help us as much as you can and in any way you can, if nothing else than just spread the word. Share this or any other text with these information.  If you are using twitter use #SerbiaNeedsHelp or/and #SerbiaFloods.

And not to forget our neighbors who are also hit by floods in a same way Bosnia (#BosniaNeedsHelp) and Croatia (#CroatiaNeedsHelp).

Thank you!!!

Am I the only one?
In past few months my life took some unexpected turns and I was mostly absent from net and blog. But I didn't forget our lovely boys and I did follow the news as much as I had time.

Lately I have one problem, I feel like crying when I listen KAT-TUN. I don't have that notion when I listen to new songs, they are made for 4 members, but...when I hear something like this I really miss Koki's voice and even Jin's ( and it's a well known fact that I'm not Jin fan).

Am I the only one who still can't listen to old songs without pain in my heart and tears in my eyes?

My first lecture ^_^

I'm nervous as hell!!!

All untill now it seemed somehow surreal, but today they started to promote it - so suddenly it became real!

I have a friend who has NGO Sakurabana, Sakurabana promote japanese culture (popular mostly), I have agreement with them to hold a serie of interactive lectures about Japanese music scene.  And my first lecture is on Sunday!!!

I am sooooooo scared!!!

Since this is first lecture, and the story will be general about Talent agencies and Record labels:
1) I have to present one Agency so I chose - JE
2) I have to present one band from that agency so I chose - KAT-TUN

Now I just have to "bite my nails" until Sunday and hope for the best...

#WeAreKATTUN Project - followup

For today #HYPHEN community had scheduled event on Twitter: #WeAreKATTUN and now -  hours after appointed time I can say only one thing KAT-TUN has the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!!!

People were tweeting  for hours, literally from all parts of the world mostly on english but on their own languages as well. Since I was tracking tweets via # mark I can say that in a peak moment it was some 20 - 30 tweets on 10 seconds time if not even more.

For full 4-5 hours lasted euphoria on Twitter. It was really great chance to show all in JE how much KAT-TUN is really popular  not only in Japan but even in countries that boys most likely never heard of.

Finally, after 6h, Twitter is quiet. But tnx to some people from Twitter we do have some stats: In the second hour of event #wearekattun was ranked on 48th place

And now we have 2 more great tweets!

First one is some more stats: in the Peak of the event there was 5200 tweets - source HERE.

Second one is from the @kattun_defend and that one really made my day "[Dear Hyphen around the world] I've sent a mail about this ( # WeAreKATTUN ) Project to KAT-TUN's radio. I Hope They Will read Our message ♡" - now I can't wait for next HANG OUT!!!
Let's all keep our fingers crossed :)

If we take into consideration that this was organised by fans, that event gathered people from all over the world (and different time zones!) and surpassed all possible obstacles (like language barriers) - EVENT WAS HUGE SUCCESS!!!

We did our best, the ball is in their corner now. And all we can do is to hope and wait. No doubt - our beloved boys won't let us down cos - WE ARE THEIR HYPHENs! And we prove that today with our Chain of Love! <3

Thank you Hyphens for participating!!!

more imperfect wallpapers from me :D

Last night I couldn't sleep, it's hard to sleep when it's almost 30C during night....so I was playing with my Ps. And since I was sleepy this wallpapers do have some mistakes, gomene ^_^. And one more thing, since I was sleepy but unable to sleep topic was...well...close to my heart - Kame & coffee <3

Pictures are resized for post but click to a pic and you will go to pic's in original size.
One more thing tho, my  taskbar is on the top (not bottom) of my monitor so all wallpapers I make have tendency to be adjusted to that desktop orientation *blushing*

I hope you will like them at least a bit ;)

Gossips that made me think
I had a crazy time since new year. Not much free time at all so I+m far behind all info's on KAT-TUN or Kame- chan. I followed news as much as my work allowed me to...but now I have some time to rest so I started to read all I missed.
But...while I was digging true a sea of information I stumbled upon a blog, italian one (tnx crome for instant translate), blog that gossips about J&A in general...I'm not a fan of those type of blogs but...curiosity did killed the cat in the end....

First gossip was about Kame-chan second about Koki-san.
Kame was described as someone who undergo a numerous plastic surgery alterations, and apart from two well known tales about his relationships with older ladies...he was described as bisexual (at best) leaning toward gay that love to cross-dress. A person who is drunk in his free time. A bully.
Koki was tagged as gay.

Now...and pls don't start trowing stones at me ...jet at least...bear with me just for a little longer...

I+m a huge fan of Kame-chan and KAT-TUN. but, I begin to think that I'm a odd fan at best. I LOVE their music, their voices, the way they look, they sexy-peal. But, at the same time I'm realistic - I'm newer gonna meet them, even if I manage to go to their concert once in my life. e live in different worlds! And I believe in freedom of choice!!!

What that means?
1) I don't mind! I don't mind if they choose plastic surgery, if that's their own choice and if it's done from their own free will.
2) I don't mind if they are gay or bisexual or straight. They are idols but at the same time they are humans with same rights as all of us (fans). They have right to love the person of they choice. And personally I'd be happy to see them in love and happy regardless if that love is female or male.

My friend, also KAT-TUN fan called me a traitor when I shared those thoughts with her...somehow I still don't think I am.
I still love their music!
I still think that Kame is sexy, and yes I'd love .... well who wouldn't?
I still think that Koki is surrounded with aura of guilty sexy-peal.
I still think that Ueda is manga-like kawai.

Did I mentioned? I still LOVE THEIR MUSIC!!!

(Now, If you want you can start trowing stones at me, I stand by my choice.)

icture is not mine, I found it on the net ;)

誕生日おめでとう Kame-chan!!!
My work took a tool on me. I have but little spear time.

But...I didn't forget Kame's birthday. For that occasion I made this set...little Kame earrngs and Kame cell phone charm.

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Happy New Year

I wish you all the best in this New 2013!!!

More wallpapers

In past few days I made few more wallpapers. I was planing to post them on December 31st but...since my guests arrive on Friday and they will be staying until January 4th (which is set as my travel day - I'm going to spend my Christmas in Vienna visiting my best friend).  

So this is like "early New Year's" gift ^_^

And this one is my current desktop background ^_^ <3

I know that this is not much, but it is from the heart. 
And I promise that I'll do my best to come here on New Years day at least for a sec. 

Best wishes to all my friends :


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